Tips on Saving Money on Travel Airfare – The College Student’s Guide on How to Fly Cheapest

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If you have always dreamed of visiting a sunny, exotic locale in the near future, but just seem to never be able to scrape together the amount of money needed for the travel air fare, there are tips that allow you to fly cheapest in style while saving money that could be better spent on those fruity, umbrella drinks once you get there. Being a college student is hard, between the cost of tuition, book and food, there is never enough money left over to do anything fun. Follow these tips and you will still be able to have fun while saving money at the same time.

First, do not limit yourself to traveling on the busiest day. Traveling on holidays and any other high traffic day runs you the risk of having to pay a premium for your travel air fare. Even if all your friends plan on traveling on one day, shop around and see if you can get a better deal by leaving either a day earlier or a day later. Shifting your travel date by a day can save you hundreds, leaving you with more money in your pocket for other activities once you get there.

Second, do your research. Companies tend to like to prey on a college student by claiming to offer the best fly deal figuring that their “target” will not know any better. Avoid wasting your money on a deal that sounds too good to be true by doing your own research. If someone is offering you or your friends a really great deal, let your fingers do the walking and check it out online. Either it will truly be the deal of the century, or you will quickly find that the deal truly is too good to be true which will arm you with the needed information to save your money and move on to find the best deal that allows you to fly cheapest.

Lastly, make it known that you are a student. Many sites will provide added discounts to those who register with an [email protected] email address. Verification of student status is required before discounts will be offered.

Those are the key tips to saving money on your airfare. Take the time to do your own research and soon you will be relaxing on the beaches of your sunny locale, with enough money leftover to enjoy all the fun and excitement that the locale has to offer.


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