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Vacation Vocabulary For the New Millennium – What’s in a Name

November 24th, 2022

Everyone is familiar with the word Stay-cation, invented to describe staying home instead of traveling during vacation time from work. It’s all about mowing the lawn, feeding the cat, watching TV, ordering pizza…yawn…are we bored yet?

The genius who created this little hybrid word started a trend; one that is almost out of control today. New names are popping up like mushrooms for all kinds of specialized vacations. Allow me to bring you up to date.

For a male who occasionally gets the urge to bond with guy friends, a Man-cation might be just the ticket. Fueled by testosterone, this is a vacation with hair on it. It could be about golf, sport fishing, camping, some friendly wagering, good natured ribbing, a few pranks and other activities common to all-male gatherings.

Conversely, the ladies might be in the market for an all female getaway…a Fem-cation, if you will. These are probably estrogen driven outings of some kind…I wouldn’t know for sure….some things are still a total mystery to those of us burdened with the Y- chromosome.

How about a Nude-cation – a trip for the uninhibited, those who just can’t wait to take it all off…leaving their swim suits and modesty at home. Unfortunately, this too often includes people who just don’t look very good naked anymore. One thing is for certain; however, nude-cations are a bonanza for sun block vendors and mosquitoes.

A Space-cation – Just visualize the fun and excitement…the count down…blast off…weightlessness…vertigo…nausea…little globules of vomit floating around the command module. Seriously, this could be something as simple as a space camp for kids; or, for adults, an official NASA sponsored astronaut training down at the Cape in Florida.